Tuesday, October 6, 2009

every day post??

so i was sitting there the other day (there technically being the bathroom mirror as i was getting ready for school) when i got this brilliant idea that i should update my blog with a daily post. i mean life can get pretty crazy, what with school....and other stuff! haha :] and so its kinda nice to unload on here.

So just this past week i turned 17!! hold your applause everyone, i mean come on 17, not that big of a deal...just kidding it so is!! so i just have to give a shout out to one of my best freinds Stephanie becasue she gave me the best present imaginable, no joke! she gave me these concert tickets i have just been dying to have! The concert is on the 27 amd is with The maine, boys like girls, rocket to the moon, cobra starship and versaemerge. possibly my favorite bands ever! (well the first 3 :]) and so when i opened it i literally freaked! i couldnt even speak, which was wierd becasue i so would have expected my self to scream, i guess we all surprise ourselves sometimes dont we?? so now i seriously cant wait! i might die from anticipation.

and on a side not, i am so frustrated! we are doing the pottery wheel in advanced ceramics and i just cant get the hang of it! is is soo annoying! but it is still oh so fun :]

soi think thats the end of todays post :] haha i will promise to keep it updated, and you know you want to read every insignificant detail of jonniclarks life right?! haha well you best keep me on your reading list!