Monday, October 31, 2011

service project

so Saturday morning we had a service project. i love sleeping in more than anything, so when my alarm went off at 8 o'clock in the morning on a cold Saturday, it was almost impossible to wake up. but i had already signed up, and i knew i needed to go. so i forced myself to get up, and i went. the project was doing little things around this kids wilderness trail that helps build certain skills. so the 3 of us volunteered to paint the alphabet on this caterpillar painted on the ground. we grabbed a roller, yellow paint, and the package of stencils. welllll....the stencils were way to small, so the roller was huge, and it didn't work at all. but the time we got all of the stencils ready and started painting half of the group had left already to another trail and took all the paint brushes with them. so we had to finger paint, all 26 letters of the alphabet on ice cold cement. my hands literally felt like they had needles stabbing them, and i got paint everywhere. somehow no one else got paint anywhere but thier hands, but i managed to get it on my jacket, jeans, and face. but all in all it was a good service project, and we had a fun time :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


me and sammi!!

with brian, our awesome home teacher. a gift from God apparently :)

we love Ani

i saw her pose and said "oh my gosh!!! MIRANDA SINGS!" and so looked at me and said "you know her?!" and so we had to take a picture together. even though we dont know eachother...

me and some awesome girls from my ward :)

so i was a rocker this Halloween. it was fun because its totally not me, so i got to channel the inner bad girl hahahahaha. and my roommate was a zebra, i helped paint her. together we took forever for our darn costumes, but it was fun :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

the beauty department blog

so im kinda obsessed with Lauren Conrad's beauty blog. its her and 2 other girls and they give tips and ideas for hair and makeup and nails and other random things. i love it so much. i always want to try what i see on there, but i rarely do. well yesterday i was bored, so i decided to play around. i did the "fall-for-this" look, with rust colored lips! i think the pictures they show are gorgeous, but i thought i wouldn't like it when i actually did it, but i loved it!! super fun, super autumn, just wonderful. so i wore it to school today, and i told my sister taylor about it, and she told me to post a blog with it so she could see, so here you go tay :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Football game!

this year i didnt get a football pass. i honestly dont care, but i had been wanting to go to one game. well, my roommate steph and her boyfriend have passes, but werent going to this game. so they graciously gave me a ticket :) i didnt end up seeing the whole game, but it was still fun, even though it was really hot. then after we went to my place and watched NEVER SAY NEVER!! hahaha :) alison is a huge bieber fan and had NEVER seen it! so basically we had to, just had to. all in all it was a super fun saturday. i love weekends.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deaf Haunted Maze

so for Miss Deaf Utah, they throw a haunted maze at the Taylorsville Deaf center, and all the proceeds go to help miss Deaf Utah go to the country competition. so for our asl class we have to have experiences with the culture, and so we could go to a few different things. well me and 2 of my friends from class decided to go volunteer at the haunted maze. we went with the intention of helping with tickets...we got roped into being actors. so, we were made into zombies and scary people. i was a zombie butcher, my part actually wasn't to scary, but it was sooooo fun! but lets just say i don't have any promising future in acting :) we had a blast, and i'm so glad we went :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

school is hard

this past 2 weeks has been incredibly stressful and incredibly exhausting. and all i want is for the semester to be over. and the next semester too. also i really miss my dear family and friends back home. its during these crazy times i really miss everything back home. but i have gained alot of faith in just these past few weeks, and have spent more time on my knees pleading and talking with Heavenly Father than ever. challenges are good. they make you stronger and more humble and in the long run, much happier. but when you have 4 tests in one week ontop of all the other things you need to do, and stay up till the wee hours of the morning doing econ assignments you dont understand, and you just dont want to do any of it anymore, its hard to see that. but i have definitely gained some perspective, and im trying harder every day to keep doing what im supposed to do.

this man make me so happy, he always says the exact things i need to hear. i often get down on myself, and just get kinda lost in my own thoughts. This talk seriously changed my perspective on my life at the moment, i havent heard such powerful words in a long time. it was EXACTLY what i needed to hear, and even now weeks later, it still influences my life. i am so thankful for Jesus Christ.

its only a short little clip of the whole message, the whole thing is amazing, but i am so grateful that i can hear through leaders of the church what Heavenly knows we are struggling as women and hear the happiness that He has to offer us.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

some things i just may never learn

i have issues with filling my car up with gas. for some reason every single time something goes wrong, or more aptly put, i do something wrong. i've only had to fill up 3 times since i've been here, but i don't get how i just cant learn how to do it right, hahaha i'm hopeless. every time i have someone come with me, because i don't like to face it alone. this time, i entered my zip code wrong, so i had to go inside and have the guy pay it. then i went on the wrong side, and the hose wasn't long enough to reach the tank. so then i asked him to transfer the money to number 1, so he did. i walk outside...someone was already there. so i walk back inside, embarrassed already at this point, and ask him to move it to number 4. guess what, someone was already there too! so i had to walk in AGAIN. this time suuuuuper embarrassed, and ask him to move it to number 6, the tank on the other side of the gas station. so he said "how bout you go somewhere, make sure its open, then let me know" boy did he think i was an idiot. well i was, but you know. so finally i went to 6, and everything was perfect. but i'm still an idiot. hahaha :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the last birthday post...i promise

so me and alison had a little combined birthday party since ours are only a week apart. we were planning on having a bonfire in the canyon, but it started raining so instead we just stayed in alisons house and played some games and all that jazz. so here are a few little insights from the party...

the birthday girls!!!

our cakes :)

one of my favorites! (person, although i quite like the picture too)

ya ya, im a freak i know that!! hahaha

playing the samuri game where you make the "ahhh!" "wahhh!" sounds and stuff. the last 4, i lasted pretty long though, not gunna lie

and on a completly unrelated note: in my complex there are 3 triplet subarus!! mine and two other awesome people. the one girl who has one exactly like mine even lives right by me, so we park by each other all the time. i just had to take a picture of the cute little twins.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy things

i like things that make me happy. this website reminds me of a few of those things...

^^^this is probably my favorite thing in the world^^^

(but can i mention that i hate this fad of people writing things in annoying incomplete sentences?! "that awkward moment when..." what about that moment people?!?! what about it?! has the English language really reduced itself to that? ok so even though these little things are annoyingly incomplete, they still make me smile. ok off my tangent.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

good times

today was cleaning day for me and steph!! we scrubbed our bathroom clean, then went crazy and cleaned the floors, walls, microwave, oven, everything in the kitchen! we just kept saying how nice it feels to have everything clean and unclutered, and pretty :) releaves our stress levels quite a bit! haha. and then we put up a justin beieber poster in our bathroom after blasting some jb while cleaning. inspiration hit us! haha! then i went shopping, got tons of stuff ive been needing forever, and then came home and went to the temple. it was really nice to just have a little peace in my life...much needed. so all in all, very protective and perfect day.

oh happy day!

so since last weekend was so crazy, i didn't get to do my thankful list. so ill do it now :)
1. im grateful for long lines in the temple. gives me time to feel that much needed peace and spirit, and it means lots of people are there doing work! yayy for temples (especially one so close!)
2. i am grateful for this amazing cold weather we are having!
3. i am grateful for an awesome roommate who helps clean and makes me happy while im doing it
4. im grateful for my warm and snuggly bed
5. i am grateful for letters from my amazing friend cameron. too bad Thailand is so far away and it takes so long to get there and back!
6. i am grateful for morning prayers. and my little sign i made to help me remember!
7. im so grateful for my friend Sammi. she makes me happy! and she is here when i need her :)
8. i am grateful for skype! i miss my wonderful freinds and family back in california and it is amazing and wonderful to see thier faces and hear thier voices whenever i want. technology is amazing, it truly is.
9. i am grateful for the music on my itunes. lately i have been listening to lots of different songs that i have. they make me really happy. faves lately are Phoenix, Florence and the Machine, and Katy Perry (well just hummingbird heart beat :) )
10. i am grateful for hulu. very grateful

Thursday, October 6, 2011

sometimes you just need your mom

sometimes you just need a mom who will give a cute little halloween package to you with decorations and candy. and little sweettarts in the shape of tinkerbell. sometimes you just need to call your mom becasue you havent talked to her in a while. a mom who will read your blog and comment. a mom who loves you so much. or maybe its always.

i love my mom!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

more birthday happenings

before my sister came to utah, my roomies took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. it was lots of fun :) we went to texas road house...those of you who have gone there, you know what they do for birthdays. you have to sit on this saddle. it was really embarrassing. but it was great to be out with my roommates and get to eat yummy rolls hahaha! i love them!! (my roommates of course :) )

we are so cool

our waiter cam cam!! haha he was the best

the birthday saddle... oh goodness!


roomie love! <3

Monday, October 3, 2011


so saturday was my birthday! my sister came to utah with natalie and lets just say i had an amazing birthday weekend!!! i miss them already. it was way too much fun. so far, being 19 is great!
there are a million pictures, but they are all mixed up and its just to much effort to sort them out. so here is what we did
Friday: taylor and natalie showed up after my last class, and after i took a test. i was so happy to see them, but i was worn out. then we brought all thier stuff in, and i opened my present :) my fam gave me money to go pick out a new pair of Toms. yayy! then we drove up to sqaw peak (aka makeout point) and probably annoyed everyone with our constant laughter and picture taking. but it is seriously breathtakingly beautiful up there.
Saturday: we woke up early and took the trax to salt lake to go see conference. there was so many amazing things said, and the experience was amazing. we had to beg on the street corner to get tickets :) then we stayed around for afternoon session, and then headed home, only we took the wrong trax so we got lost and had to ride it all the way to the end, then go back. quite the adventure. we were alone for 20 minutes in the train, so had a mini photoshoot hahaha way to fun! then we went to olive garden, came home and watched Prom the cheesy disney movie. who doesnt love a cheesy movie? especially when it has this dear in it?! i love him!!! it was a great day, but by the end we were exhausted!!
Sunday: woke up, made pancakes, then watched both sessions of conference on tv. in between we took a cute little picnic to the provo temple, and just relaxed for a bit. it was beautiful outside! then we just sat around, talked, wrote letters, relaxed, and other such activities. and then we decided to do something we went planking around provo, and me and taylor dressed up in matching outfits! oh boy was it some good times!!! i think we were laughing every second! then we came back, they packed.

it was a great weekend!! so exhausting, but so worth it! i love birthdays, and i always make a huge deal out of them, and this one definitely lived up to my expectations.