Monday, August 30, 2010

too many things to write

so i am NOTORIOUS for saying i will do things, then not. for example, write in my journal and blog on a regular basis. but i have actually been better at keeping my journal, so at least thats a plus. so I STARTED COLLEGE!!! woo hoo :] and even though i was super nervous at first, i absolutly love it. i have had so much fun, and its only been the first week. we had NSO all of last week and it ended on saturday with a dance, which was pretty fun, with Megan and Alison. too much happened all of last week, so let me just assure you, it was all fun, and the details are boring to the average reader and only interesting to me. so i guess since its been over a week since ive done this ill just skip to today...first day of class!! it was actually not to bad, except my american heritage class i HUGE! as in 700 plus students! totally crazy!and it seems super hard and not so fun. but tomorrow i have sign language, which im sooo very excited for. and it doesnt start until yes i know super late for a class right? but when its the only class open you deal with your options. so all in all i have met some really amazing people that i absolutly love! and i cant wait to meet more and to become even closer :] yay for college! now im tiered and i need to read the Book of Mormon for at least 30 minutes for class, which puts me around 1 oclock so now is my time to peace out followers ;]

Saturday, August 21, 2010

best day will

so tomorrow is my last sunday here in the GOLDEN state. it will be my last time in the singles ward here in glendora, at least until next summer or breaks :] but i have definitely come to LOVE it! i love going with my sisters, but also there are just some amazing people, and i learn so much. but i know my ward at BYU will be just as amazing, if not more haha!! but there is also anther reason im very extremely excited for tomorrow..... I WILL BE SEEING THE MAINES HEADLINING TOUR!!! i am sooooooooooo excited!! a couple months ago i won tickets through the radio station, which believe me, with my luck it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! i never win anything!!! but the day has finally come that i will get to see them!! they are possibly my most favorite band ever, there is just something thats makes my heart race. hahahah :] so this will be the best day ever! i have seen them 4 times now live, but this concert will be especially amazing because it is their headlining tour, so it will be basically just them, and they will be on for a long time, so i get to hear all of their completely amazing songs :]] so yep, ill write back on monday with how amazing it is, and with pictures :]]

on a side note, i havent slept in my bed for 3 days. now to some people this may seem absurd, not to sleep in your own bed the last few days you are home, but 2 days ago, as i was trying to fall asleep, a little visitor decided to show up on my pillow.... A SPIDER!!! i have the biggest fear in the world of spiders, so i was of that bed in less than a second and i ran to my sisters room. now i am deathly afraid it will come and kill me in the night, so i choose the incredibly uncomfortable floor of my sisters room instead. the end.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

byu, here i come! (almost!)

so i only have 4 more days until i thrown all my lifes possessions into my dads truck and head off to Utah. i think i have been counting down the days since it was 60 days. but the closer it gets, the more nervous i get!! i can finally count the days on one hand, and that my dear blogger friends makes things very real indeeed. my sisters never fail to remind me that it will be a lot harder than i think it will be, and that its not all fun and games, but that doesn't stop my mind from going into overdrive about all the amazing times im about to have!! only one problem, i often forget the main ingredient of ive always been able to succeed in high school with minimal work and absolutely no studying, but i know i will have to change my habits for college. but lets just say, im excited for it ALL! i know i will get to meet some amazing people, and be able to learn some amazing things, and have some amazing times, basically i know it will be AMAZING!! hahha :] so i cant wait for the morning when i wake up in my bed and realize it will be my last! but there are many things i will miss about my home and about California. let me start my list: my mommy!! haha i love my mom so much, she is the best :], my dad, he is possibly the funniest person i know and the best dad a daughter could ask for. my sisters! they are by far my best friends, and when i think about not seeing them for 4 months straight it makes my heart hurt immensely. Mattison my niece.she makes life beautiful. i love her like my own daughter and im seriously in denial that i wont be around her anymore. i still need to be her favorite, and if she replaces me i might cry. can you say skype daily??JENNA!! we have had the funniest moments ever, i never go a second without laughing when we are together. she is the best friend in the whole wide world and i cant believe we are going to be in different states :[ love you jenna! all the rest of my friends i have been able to have soo many amazing people in my life, and i will miss anyone who i have been able to have a good laugh with or who has made me smile;] the beach. my full harry potter set. i still really want to bring the whole set, but im just not sure i can fit them all :[ the dorms may not have room for them, and my other many books, we will see. my dogs!!(and kitty) i cant believe i have forgotten about them and put them so far down the list!! i love them sooo much, and i will sorely miss them and their kisses. my house and bed. when you live your whole entire life there, you are bound to grown attached. well that the bulk of my list. so now i have nothing left to say really, its late and my brain isnt functioning to well at the moment, so ill write another blog later, when my life gets a little more interesting. hahaha.

p.s. im pretty sure 80 percent of this is all red underlined with squiggles, i hope in college i learn how to spell. but since im pretty sure they dont teach with magic at BYU, i have to settle and learn to be thankful for spell check :]