Tuesday, October 6, 2009

every day post??

so i was sitting there the other day (there technically being the bathroom mirror as i was getting ready for school) when i got this brilliant idea that i should update my blog with a daily post. i mean life can get pretty crazy, what with school....and other stuff! haha :] and so its kinda nice to unload on here.

So just this past week i turned 17!! hold your applause everyone, i mean come on 17, not that big of a deal...just kidding it so is!! so i just have to give a shout out to one of my best freinds Stephanie becasue she gave me the best present imaginable, no joke! she gave me these concert tickets i have just been dying to have! The concert is on the 27 amd is with The maine, boys like girls, rocket to the moon, cobra starship and versaemerge. possibly my favorite bands ever! (well the first 3 :]) and so when i opened it i literally freaked! i couldnt even speak, which was wierd becasue i so would have expected my self to scream, i guess we all surprise ourselves sometimes dont we?? so now i seriously cant wait! i might die from anticipation.

and on a side not, i am so frustrated! we are doing the pottery wheel in advanced ceramics and i just cant get the hang of it! is is soo annoying! but it is still oh so fun :]

soi think thats the end of todays post :] haha i will promise to keep it updated, and you know you want to read every insignificant detail of jonniclarks life right?! haha well you best keep me on your reading list!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the worlds best summer treat!!

so lets just say i have a new obsesion!! and it deserves its own post its just soo scrumptios...FROZEN GRAPES!! omg i have eaten soo may of these sweet,cold, delcious, crisp, amazing things i cant even begin to count how many!! haha they are so darn good, if you havent tryed them you HAVE to! they are just to die for, i mean it! the only down side is that they take a while to freeze, just do what i do and freeze like a million at one time. oh and then you will say, ill just eat a handful, next thing you know, a whole full-sized freezer bag will be mysteriously gone!! haha. oh and a tip, dont hold them in your hand they will melt! so just hold the bag gingerly by the edges and you will be good ;] haha ok so now that i have droned on and on about there amazingness...go try them!! good eating :]]

wow its been a while!!

so its been soo long since ive done a post that i totally forgot my email and password i used for this and just spent a few minutes trying a bunch of different things before i finally remembered!! hah :] well there is alot to update about me right now i guess...its summer!! that in itself makes me immensly happy. so my summer has been pretty fun and laid back so far. done some fun stuff but mosty its just been nice to be able to sleep in as long as i like and spend time iwht my family, and adorable niece mattison of course!! but on an exciting note, i passed all of my ap tests!! i was seriously flabergasted when i opened my results! i got a 3 in physics when i thought i was going to get a 1, if they had a 0 i thought i wouldve gotten that, haha, and i got a 4 in calculus which made me estatic! and a 3 in english, i though i was going to do a little better but i was satisfied :] and i took my first ACT the saturday that school got out and didnt study for a second! then i got the results and i got a 28! so i was really happy. but next time im going to study and hope to break the 30's. oh and today is the 14th of july, meaning that harry potter and the half blood prince is coming out tonight at midnight!! but sadly im not attending the midnight showing :[ this makes so disapointed words cant describe! im absolutly in love with ahrry potter and to top it all off the 6th book is my ultimate favorite book! so i will hopefully see it as soon as i possibly can :] this week is my familys hartly reunion, my moms side of the fam, and its this whole week, so this week should be full of adventure! the zoo, disneyland, the aquarium, movies outside, the park, and all that fun stuff :]] well this was a little bit longer post than i planed to write, but i will soon make some more updates, i mean doesnt everyone want to know the juicy details of my life?? haha i think a total of 3 people might actually read this :] well if you are reading check back soon to hear more of my b-e-a-utiful words!! haha jk.

love me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

calculus cramming.

ok so my ap calculus test is coming up, well may 6th. so our math class has been having these review sessions where we do a few ap problems, and it may sound wierd but they are kinda fun, haha :] so i just got back from one, and for some reason today my brain was just kinda turned off haha!!so ya hopefully when the actuall ap test comes up ill do brilliantly! (cross my fingers!)


so on saturday i went to the beach with Laura and Cameron. it was seriously so much fun and i loved it! umm we took a bunch of pictures, and there are some super cute ones but im to lazy to put them up right now!! haha :] umm so ya. haha sorry for the lack of details here, but like i sadi im lazy and im about to go to chipotle (whitch has become my new obsession by the way haha!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

why do you torture me like this!?

ok so if you guys dont know already...im absolutly in love with KYLE XY! so today was the whole shows finale! which means it was the last episode ever of my favorite show! so this whole season has been supper intense and insane! so i was like oh ok it must be at least like a 2 hour episode right? nope! it was only one hour, and through out the whole thing i was like screaming beacuse it was soo intense and scary!!! haha :] then i realize that there is only 10 minutes left, and i think to myself "WHAT THE HECK!!" then it just ends!!!! seriously, it just ends! there are about 50 loose ends and nothing gets solved! im am sooo very upset! its just about the most disapointing thing in life :[ but i still am obsessed with the show!! hahah :] so lets all crosss our fingers and hope there will be another episode :]]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

going, going, gone!

ok so on saturday, i was watching a show, and this person had a really cute short haircut, so then i was like "taylor, can you cut my hair!?" so she did! haha :] so now i have a short a-line haircut and i absolutly love it! and my sister lauren is trying to get even better at taking pictures, so she wanted to take some cute pictures of my new hair. so here they are :] i like them, hope you do too!!!! oh and check out her photography blog... laurenskousenphotography.blogspot.com

here is the side shot of my hair! gotta love it :]] hahah

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"start of something new..."

So since all of my sisters, and everyone else it seems, have a blogspot i decided, hey why not get one?? haha so here i am! now maybe i can be in touch with what everyone else is doing :] so hopefully i will have many more blogs to come :]]