Saturday, March 13, 2010


i have been on her in soo long i couldnt remember my email or password....thats not a good sign. well there seems to be alot going and absolutly nothing going on in my life right now, if that makes sence. so let me pour out my soul a little bit via the internet.
number gonig to BYU provo next year!! im soo excited i might die. i feel like ever since my sister lauren went there its the only place i could imagine myself, so for 8 years my mind has basically been convinced i would get in, so when i did it was pretty much the happiest moment ever. but speaking of college, im pretty scared. i mean im so excited, but ive never really been on my own. take that back, NEVER EVER, been on my own. im also scared i wont have a good roomate, that i wont meet people i click with, and that i wont like my major. but i know once i get there it will all work out, its just imagining what the future is like that scares me. becasue right now i cant imagine anything else but high school, but dont get me wrong, im soo ready to leave high school. in fact right now i hate it with a passion. so im pretty excited to see what the future hold for poor little jonni :]
so that pretty much sums up my college situation, which is basically all that is happening right now haha :] but number in love with ceramics!! i can actually make stuff on the wheel now, and im obsessed. haha yep its true. you know how people day dream about random stuff...haha i dream about ceramics. haha yep. dont tell anyone its my deep dark secret haha! but im still not pro so dont go crazy folks ok??
number 3. im being so good this past month! ive been reading my scriptures for the past month every single night! even if its 12 o clock and im about to drop dead asllep, i still read them. and i have gained sooo much from them. i honestly feel like im a much better person, and just in the past month. i have also decide i am going to go on a mission :] may come as a surpirse to some people since ive never really talked about, but for the past 2 months or so ive been really excited and now i just really want to go becasue the most impotant thing in my life is my faith and testimony and i want other to feel the same as i do and feel the same happiness. but i still have 3 and a half years, so its still a while :] but im pretty excited!
so thats pretty much my life right now. the basics. haha this definantly wasnt my soul poured out into print though, haha really want my soul, steal my journal! haha just kidding...dont do that.

oh and right now im listening to A Rocket to the Moon and am extreamly happy :] although quite bored!!!!