Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hooray for workouts!

so one of my many goals for this year was to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. i'm trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, and i was determined that once i lived on my own i would change. well i have some good news for you, i have made some great changes! i've been eating super healthy. and by healthy i mean eating nothing else but veggies, fruit, grilled chicken, and the occasion pb sandwich made on whole wheat bread, and bowl of cereal. literally. obviously once i cook more meals i'll want to switch things up a bit, but as of right now i'm content. and i walk 30 minutes to school everyday, probably about 15 minutes total walking around campus, and 20ish minutes walking back from campus. but on top of all this i know i needed to work on the goal i had set for myself and go to the gym 3 times a week at least. the first day of school was a little to hectic and crazy to go, and yesterday i was so sick i was on the verge of throwing up! so that meant i had to go today tomorrow and Friday. when i got to my room the only thing i really wanted to do was take a nap. but after getting a few things settled i put on my workout attire and did the difficult task of unlocking my bike and getting it down the stairs to go to gym. (its not as easy as it sounds i promise! haha) it only took about 10 minutes to bike to the gym, then i did a average length workout and headed back. i felt GREAT! i've always loved working out, its the just the forcing myself to go part that is so hard. but let me tell you, after working out, its the best prospect to have to bike back to your condo. especially when parts are up hill. lets just say i probably wasn't going much faster than the pedestrians and people probably wondered why i was moving like a slug. school was also a great day, and although my classes are going to require a lot of work, i think at this point i'm going to enjoy them. so we will see.

things i recognized today
-waking up is still hard to do even if you've had 8 hours of sleep
-the day is however a little more manageable when you get your beauty sleep
-i love that byu made their gym 10000000 time better and bigger and nicer and prettier
-i'm so happy ally taught me how to make the world easiest most delicious fruit smoothies (v8 fusion juice and whatever frozen fruit you feel like adding that day)
-i hate anything dealing with money...oh wait im going to be an accountant aren't i??

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

for the fam

my family keeps asking for pictures of my room, so here they are! im still not 100% doneand will probably switch things around and add some things in some places...but this is home for now!! enjoy :)

if you started at my bed, and spun in a counter clockwise circle this is more or less what you would see!

oh and this is the first dinner i made at my house, alison came over, and even though she had already eaten dinner she ate again with me to enjoy my first meal hahaha :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

so i just finished my first 2 days of living in my new home! its crazy to think that school will be starting again, and that im living on my own. not the watered down living on your own that the dorms provides, but real life living on my own. its a bit scary when i think about it, but i'm so excited for what is to come. i may be somewhat unprepared, but no one can ever be truly prepared for what life has to offer. my room is almost completely done and decorated and all situated, but not quite yet. when it is ill post pictures. my parents just left, and i had my first sunday in my new ward. its all surreal. the people in my ward seemed pretty friendly, and there seems to be lots of people i would love to get to know better. i guess we will just see what happens in the future. but for now i just need to get ready for school tomorrow, finish up my room, and work on some of my goals. im really excited for this new school year, and im so grateful for this opportunity i have to grow and experience new things. oh and i already miss all the people i left behind, but so happy to be reunited with the people i grew to love in utah. oh what a crazy life this is, now i miss someone no matter where i am!!

LISTEN TO THESE SONGS!! they are completely awesome, especially "gone in the morning". seriously, listen to them.

<3 <3 <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

as they say, one thing ends another begins

summer is almost over. i have two more sleeps in my bed and then i will be making the 9 hour car ride to provo. so many mixed emotions on this subject. on one hand i'm so excited i can hardly contain the excitement!! i cant wait to move into my condo. i cant wait to go to my new ward and meet all the people there. i cant wait to start my classes and get on the path to my new goals. i cant wait to see my friends. and i cant wait to have a life again haha :) but then on the other hand, i don't want to go!! i dread homework and tests and projects. i dread waking up early and trying to find a job. i dread being away from all the people i love here. and i just dread the possibility of failure. but, i think the good outweighs the bad, so i'm still very excited. although the day i leave will be pretty sad. i kinda forget how much i miss my niece and nephew and my sisters and my parents and my best friends when i'm gone. its kinda like when you get hurt, the pain is unbearable, but afterwards you forget exactly what it feels like and just say "oh it wasn't too bad" and then you get hurt again, and then remember exactly how it feels. it sucks. or like a super hard hike, when you are going up you want to curse the mountain you are climbing, you want to turn around and make it all go away. then you get to the top "oh its beautiful! lets do it again, i mean it wasn't horrible". that's how i'm going to feel when i drive away. it will all come back to me. but all will be ok. and as many of you who will actually read this know, i have to do super good in school next year. i just HAVE to get into the accounting program, now its the only thing in the world i want! its super competitive, and so to get in it, i have to preform top notch! and since i'm addicted to facebook and spend way to much time on it, i'm getting rid of it for the year. not only will i be able to concentrate more on school and other important things in my life, but it will make me a happier person. i'm just way to addicted and spend to much time, and so to be honest i'm GLAD to get rid of it for awhile. sometimes you just need to simplify your life, and i'm excited for the change. but ill be updating this blog with stories and pictures and updates of my life, so if you want to know about me just come here :) well that's all folks! see you on the flip-side.