Saturday, November 20, 2010

queen of the universe...or is it procrastination?

yes. i am THE queen of procrastination it is horrible. my week has been crazy and stressful and annoying and great. so lets start off by saying this week i had 5 papers and 4 tests, all within the same week. and not any wimpy papers either, all at least 3 pages, one a 6 page research paper. one word...GROSS! i hate doing work, yes sad fact but very true. and so of course i left all of that crap until the last week. 2 days ago, i was up until 6:30 in the morning, and i had to get up at 8. so yesterday i was so dang exhausted i went to bed at 7:30!! that is the earliest i have gone to bed since...well EVER! honestly even when i was little, i never went to bed that early. but i got 14 hours of the most blissful sleep in my life. the second i hit the pillow i was out! but i guess at 9 i sat up, stretched out my arms and said "oh man that was the best nights sleep! what time is it?" then Stephanie answered "9" i was suddenly so worried and exclaimed "oh no i slept in!" then she informed it was still night time and after i asked if i could go back to bed she told me i could, which made me very happy :] the thing is...i have no recollection what soever of this, so i was having a full on convo in my sleep. fun times. now i have to papers and 1 test left, and yet i am procrastinating it as much as i possibly can...hence this entry. but after, i promise ill start ok mommy (Stephanie :]) haha my roommate is so kind and telling me to get started, and says i will regret it later if i don't, and trust me i believe her. its just that me and starting papers don't get along so well. i hate starting, once i've started writing its fine. but to actually start, now thats the problem. but now that i've done enough complaining, ill go on to how my week has been great! first of all...I GET TO GO HOME AND SEE MY FAMILY IN 2 DAYS!! and i hate the use of cap lock, so you know how excited i really am :] that has actually been one reason it has been so hard to start! i just want to see my family sooooo bad! i miss them like crazy and i cant wait to get home. also, i volunteered at the nursing home for and hour yesterday and an hour today, and honestly, that never fails to make me happy. it has been the highlight of my year, and if i hadn't started i think i would have been slightly miserable. also, yesterday me and Stephanie volunteered at the MTC. that is quite amazing as well, i love love love to do it :] so ya all those things combined made my hectic not-so-fun week slightly...FANTASTIC!