Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

so my aunt was getting married, and my family was going to Vegas to see the wedding and spend some time with all my family that lives in Vegas. So since Vegas isn't terribly far from Provo, I decided to go too! at first it was going to be a surprise, then my dad didn't know it was supposed to be a surprise so her told everyone, but then I forgot I had work so I had to find someone to cover my shift, so then I decided to surprise everyone again by pretending I couldn't go, but everyone knew...haha. I went with Alison and Krista (Krista is my new awesome friend from my complex, I seriously love her!!! she is awesome and I’m so glad I invited her to movie night one random day :) coolest friend ever!) we got to Vegas around 7 on Friday night, and did all the fun stuff at the strip. It was seriously a blast!! Don’t worry, we didn't do anything bad folks :) Saturday was the wedding, and besides that it was a pretty relaxing day. Then on Sunday we woke up for the breakfast, I said bye to my family, and we just sat around for a little in the hotel room relaxing and getting our stuff together…and jumping on the bed. Then we went to the temple, walked around, took some pictures, and then headed home. On the way we saw this awesome air show with fighter jets (possibly the blue angels??) and so we pulled over and looked at it for a while. We got home around 6 and so still had time to go to ward prayer :) so it wasn't a very long trip, but besides a few little mishaps it was awesome!!! I wish I could relive it again :) it was soooooo great to see my family again, and I cant wait for Christmas.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

happy list

i havent done my thankful list in a little while, which isnt good. so here we go again. except im going to switch it up a bit, im calling it my happy list. things that have made me happy. these are the same things that i am grateful for, but for some reason its just a little more meaningful for me to say they are things that make me happy instead of things i am grateful for. "men are that they might have joy" right??

making new friends
wearing my new coat (which by the way, i really dont like the word coat. i have absolutly no idea why, it just is an annoying word to me.)
cold weather
playing games
a bike that no longer squeaks insanely loud
going to church
having CES firesides at the marriot. i get to be in the same room as apostles of the Lord
phonecalls to my family
sleeping in
taking naps