Friday, April 15, 2011

life sometimes is unexpected.

((the title for this post was inspired by a show i love called life unexpected. if you haven't seen it, drop whatever you are doing at this moment and go watch it))

so just like countless other freshman at college i have changes my major more times that i hoped i would. and although this is no new feeling, and plenty of people have experienced it, its much different when you are actually living through it. i have no idea what major i want, and no idea how to achieve what i want in life. i went to a academic counselor to have some help with the direction i want to go with school...and it was the least helpful meeting of my life. He had nothing to say that helped me, and basically it just showed me how no one can pick my direction in life, its something i have to decide on my own. but it was frustrating to say the least. i walked out of that little room feeling more helpless than ever. i may have even started to feel as if i would never ever find a major, get a job, or basically be a successful human being. but of course that would be super over-dramatic, so i would never do that...Then just hours later, i walked into my ASL class, (which ended up being canceled because our teacher never showed up) and i was talking to one of my friends in that class, and she asked about what i wanted to major in. i confessed that i had no idea, but then told her what i eventually wanted to get a job in and do with my life. she then told me about her sister in law, who majored in accounting and does it for nonprofit organizations. it instantly sounded perfect. nothing i had encountered thus far made me excited, nothing sounded right of the bat. all the other majors i've considered have been something i try to force myself to accept, and eventually after enough convincing to myself that it will work, i try it out. but this just seemed like it would be perfect with me without any other thoughts. it is not set in stone yet, but i may just possibly major in accounting with a minor in international development. it will be a super intense program, but i know if its something i'm excited about and looking forward to, i can succeed in it. i may not end up doing it, but as of right now it makes me very anxious and happy for the future. let me just say, i'm thankful for the people Heavenly Father places by my that make my life as beautiful as it is.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."
— Douglas Adams

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..."
— Dr. Seuss

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
— Mother Teresa

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


so i was listening to Justin Bieber's song, Love Me, which i love dearly by the way, and i thought to myself, "i really want to sign this song". I love ASL, and lately my new thing has been to watch youtube videos of people signing songs, i love them. so then on friday, alison came into my room and i said "we should sign this song!" (she is in ASL too) and so she was all for it. but then it was really fast and hard, so she said she had wanted to to "pray" by him. so we thought that would be a fabulous idea! eventually it went from just being a small little webcam shpeal, to becoming a full fledged music video ;] we recruited our amazing friend David, and he helped us with it all. Alison then used it for a project for one of her classes, here is the final cut guys, please watch (but click the actual youtube link so we get more views haha) and enjoy! p.s. it was super clear and amazing quality on the computer, but when it got uplaoded to youtube it got a little fuzzy, but still :]

feel free to share with everyone you know! hahaha :]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

triangle of intelligence

so this all started a few weeks ago at lunch. my friend David was always hinting at me being dumb, jerk right?! so then me and miles decided that he just didn't understand me because i was just to smart, on a higher plane than him, but miles understands haha. so then eventually David wanted in on the smartness, so we created a triangle. not just any triangle, but the triangle of intelligence!!! now its become a pretty big deal, and everyone is jealous of us,and it comes up in most conversations haha :] but now the triangle has evolved into such a large entity that we all argue about who is the best, and try to throw mutinies to throw out members from the triangle. David always tries to kick me out, but that's just not possible. so there is this website called, which you definitely need to try if you haven't yet, and it has tons of trivia questions on different subjects. so what other way would be better to decide who is the head of the triangle? a competition on freerice! this became very intense. in fact, the first time we tried it, it ended up with all them cheating and me getting so heated and angry and then them just laughing and leaving. so there had to be a rematch of course. the second time, it was totally professional. we even got a study room and used the whiteboard to write up the scores and the rules and all that fun stuff. our judge was miles girlfriend Sammi (who is one of my favorite people ever), and she also happen to be the midpoint in our triangle. in the end, i lost. it was a big disappointment. haha but miles won because he memorized all the basic elements on the periodic table, and because he is a geography whiz. but there will be a rematch, and this time, I will win!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i had an amazing weekend with my sister and little niece and nephew, but i'm waiting till my sister puts up some of the pictures so my post will have some pictures in it :] haha. but other than that, i just finished a week that required lots of hours writing papers and reading books and taking tests, so now that that is over, i feel pretty relieved. i know that finals are coming up soon. very soon in fact, but i honestly am not stressed about them. i'm to exhausted and to excited for the end to be stressed. i will be back in my lovely home in only 16 more days. that is very exciting. i cant wait to sit on my couch, and put my feet up on our cheetah foot rest, and sit by the window and feel the California sunshine filter through our bush. i cant wait to be welcomed by the bright blue walls of my room that remind me of happy memories. i cant wait to hug my animals and eat my mom's food. i cant wait to be able to stay in my pajamas for a whole days just because i can. i cant wait to lay on our hammock and take a little nap. i cant wait to spend every precious day i can with my lovely family. basically i just cant wait. but in the mean time, how bout you listen to these awesome song, because i know i have, at least 100 times :]

Friday, April 1, 2011

cant sleep!!

so for the past few nights...well thats a lie, more like the past few months, i can not go to bed on time. i think my average for the last few weeks has been around 2:30-3:00. its really not good. then i go to school, im dead tired, theni come back and take a nap. now naps for most people are many around 20 minutes-1 hour or something like that. to me that is not a nap, that is like closing your eyes. to me a nap is like 4 hours. hahah :] today i came home and had a solid 4 hour nap, interupted by only a few things like people knocking on my door. it really is glorious.

but thats not why i cant sleep today. my sister, BIL(brother in law), niece and nephew are coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not wait!!!!!!! i am sooooooo excited it is killing me! my mom wrote this on my facebook wall, and it was the cutest thing ever: you get to spend the week end with Matti! I bet you are excited. I know she is. She even has a shirt picked out for your date with her. now isn't my niece the most adorable thing ever?! they will get here tomorrow right after my class, so i don't know if i can actually pay attention in my classes, i will be far to excited. i'm going to show of the little kiddies to all my friends, and then after we eat lunch and walk around campus we are going up to my BIL's family house and spending the weekend there. ahhhh this is going to be awesome :] we also got tickets to conference, and i had such an awesome experience last time, i simply cannot wait to go again this year.

i cant wait to hear the words from our Prophet and to hear what the Lord wants me to know. i know that Thomas S. Monson speaks for the Lord, and it is so amazing to me that i have such profound guidance in m life. i never for one second have to worry if i'm being led astray, or have to wonder what is right and what is wrong, because of the prophets words i can know for sure. i love being part of this church that allows me to receive person instruction and also allows me to hear commandments and guidance for every person on this earth. This gospel is so personal, and so beautiful, i just love it.

p.s. today is my half birthday!!!!! i love my half birthday more than half as much as i love my real birthday. so now i am 18 and half a year old :] i also wont object to half presents ;]