Thursday, September 13, 2012

“No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.” ― Carroll Bryant

i never really thought i was spontaneous. 

 it just wasn't a thought that occurred to me. 

 but I've realized lately that i can be. 

 example one. 

one day i was sitting on Facebook (like always) and a friend posted a status saying that the company she worked for needed 2 more girls to come to Ukraine for 6 weeks and teach at an English camp because some people dropped out. so i thought to myself "ya that would be awesome!" so i left a week later to go to Ukraine. i had never left the country before, and i so unprepared, but i just thought it would be awesome, so i did it. i bought my plane ticket and was sitting on a not so comfy seat miles up in the air 6 days later. 

 example 2.

 i needed a new computer, so i walked in to the buy bookstore computer section, saw a nice pretty macbook pro and said "i want that" so 5 minutes later the nice guy behind the counter handed me my box and i was out the door. ill admit, that doesn't sound very spontaneous at all. but it seemed pretty spur of the moment to me haha :) spontaneity makes life a little more exciting, I've never been one for plans anyway. so here are the clique pictures you just have to take on mac.

the second i got my computer started i just had to open up that pretty little photo booth

 sorry for the picture overload of myself...
i promise I'm not egocentric.

 i just happen to really like my mac. 
 and really like taking pictures...of myself haha

 but trust me, i fully realize the only people who want to look at endless supply of pictures of me are my sisters and mom (if that)


theclarkgirls said...

You were right....your mom loved looking at them!

Taylor said...

me too mama ^^^ you look dang sexy in dem too!!! ;) ow ow!