Thursday, November 22, 2012

taking pills

before i go into my story, you should just watch this 6 second video.

ok well now that you watched a human bicycle, you will now hear the story of why i take the pills the way i do.
so, when i take a pill i take a big drink of water, and before i swallow it, i tip my head back and drop the pill in, unlike some people who put the pill in their mouth and take a sip of water. my family, well mostly my dad, always laughs at the way i do it. my response is always "it gets stuck in my throat if i don't!" to which my dad laughs. and I'm here to say, i have evidence!!!

so i just got my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. along with the pain killers, they gave me an antibiotic prescription that i had to take every day until it was over. just try to imagine this....

it was late at night and i needed to take the antibiotic, which was in a little red and white capsule. i didn't really feel like going out to the kitchen to get a cup of water, so i just got my hand and got a little bit of water from the sink. i then took the pill, and of course i felt like it was stuck in my throat because i didn't have enough water, but i just thought it was in my mind. so i kept on getting ready for bed. and then i coughed. when i coughed i looked in the mirror and a huge cloud of smoke came from my mouth. a huge, menacing looking cloud of white smoke just appeared out of my mouth. i was so shocked!!! and then in the 2 seconds it took for me to get over the shock of what just happened, i tasted the most horrifying taste in my life. worse than i can even imagine. in fact, i can't recall how it tasted, now that this even has passed, i just remember the horrible, horrible taste. I'm not exaggerating even a little bit. it tasted like a sewer had exploded, or a nasty garbage truck crashed into my mouth (it goes without saying that all garbage trucks are nasty, i just wanted to emphasize that fact). i started spitting and coughing and frantically wiping my tongue with my hand, and making super dramatic disgusted faces. i cupped my hands and got as much water as i could possibly hold from the sink and drank it in 2 seconds. To no avail, the horrific taste remained. so i ran, sprinted actually, into the kitchen and grabbed a million soda crackers and ate them as fast as i could. luckily it helped. once the nasty taste was only a remnant of a horrible memory, i started cracking up. why you might ask? because i kept picturing that cloud erupting from my throat and i replayed the look of surprise on my face and laughed every time.

its safe to say I'm sticking to the way i take my pills.

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